Friday, June 20, 2008

Ivy Hospital, Mohali

Honest & Affordable Healthcare
Ivy Hospital is a state of the art 180 bedded Multi Specialty Hospital with Super Specialty in Oncology. It would be one of the largest hospital in private sector in the region with a covered area of 130000 sq. ft. it is strategically located at a prime location in sector 71, Mohali. Key features of the hospital are:-

· Fully Air conditioned building state of-the-art laminar flow Air conditioning in Operation Theaters & ICU’s.
· 7 Operation Theaters and 180 beds including advanced ICU & CCU.
· Highly qualified and experienced team of doctors, para medical staff and other professionals to run various departments of the hospital.
· Departments equipped with advanced and sophisticated equipment to provide world class healthcare.
· liver-kidney transplant in the Chandigarh region

In house cafeteria, Coffee Shop, Book Café/ Gift Shop, Pharmacy and Health Club etc.

About Us: Ivy Hospital is a landmark tertiary care health destination promoted by a team of professionals. The Multi-Specialty Hospital cum Cancer Research Institute with Modern Diagnostic Centre and a capacity of 190 Beds has the state-of-the-art technology over virtually all specialties. The technology advantage is complemented by the man power excellence providing sophisticated and specialized medical care at affordable cost.
The expert team of doctors and support staff ensure the best care is delivered at all time with utmost dedication. It is their sacrament to enrich and preserve valuable human lives. We understand you and your needs
From the moment you arrive, you will notice that our hospital is unique. Our team is dedicated to bringing you a world of care with every visit. World-class medical care, friendly, devoted service and affordability are the key features in our every touch.
We have achieved laurels for being one of the best-organized multi-speciality hospitals. The highly competent experts in various disciplines taking charge of patient care give the double advantage of safety and mental peace for the patients.
We emphasize on humane approach in patient care, which is obvious in every staff’s activities. “Early detection and timely intervention” is our mantra and no undue delay is observed during administering treatment.
Together with the technology to match world-class standards and support services like pharmacy, laboratory and cafeteria we pledge to make your stay at the hospital peaceful and comfortable. Our superb location, which has less traffic congestion and calm atmosphere, is supplemented with ample parking makes the hospital visits less cumbersome.
Centers of Excellence: The Centers of Excellence at the hospital are:
Department of Cardiology: Department is committed towards providing patients the highest degree of skill, world class cardiac care and comfort, Ivy Hospital, Mohali is one of its kind Multispeciality hospital that offers latest treatment and the best care for all form of heart disease.
Supported by a dedicated team of experts: A dedicated cardiologist, cardiac surgeon, nurses and other healthcare professional at Ivy Hospital, Mohali, Handle most complex cardiac emergency and delivery best surgical results to both adult and pediatric cardiac patients.
Department of General Surgery & Keyhole Surgery: Thyroid gland, stomach & breast surgeries as well as keyhole surgery for internal organs & painless surgery for piles.
All routine general surgical procedures. Gastero-intestinal Surgery - Surgery of Oesophagus. Stomach, Liver, Gall Bladder, Pancreatic, Large and small bowel cancer Pediatric Surgery - Trachicoesophageal fistula, Diaphragmatic hernia, bowel atresias, Surgery for Hirschprung's disease, meningocele

Department of Surgical Oncology: It has well developed unit of surgical oncology, Ortho Oncology, Head and Neck Cancer Surgery and Reconstruction unit. Besides al types of major routine surgical procedures of all types and laparoscopic surgeries are being conducted on regular basis which include gall bladder, hernia appendix, piles, kidney stone and advanced cancer surgeries.
Department of Medical Oncology: Hospital has all types of routine services available for chest diseases, GIT problems, General medical ailments and specialized medical treatment facilities for cancer. Facilities for Chemotherapy are available on OPD basis as well as it is provided in wards. It is given by trained Nursing staff under the guidance of highly competent team of Medical Oncologists. A well-equipped Protected environment ward exists for Neutropenic patients and for blood cancer patients.
Department of Orthopedics: The Primary Objective of the Orthopaedic Department to save lives and limbs of patients sustaining severe injuries. The department is doing an excellent job in the field of Traumatology by preserving anatomical and functional integrity of severely mutilated limbs of accidental victims.
Total Hip Replacement
Total Knee Replacement
Bipolar Hip Replacement
Hip Resurfacing
All type of fracture fixation including Internal fixation with latest minimally invasive procedures
Fractures around Hip joint, ( DHS,DCS, PFN ) Interlocking nailing under image intensifier
Department of Pediatrics: offers state-of-the-art tertiary care in various pediatric specialties. The center has an outstanding pediatric specialist covering specialties covering all major fields in pediatrics to provide comprehensive management of problems of neonates and children, department h excellent support in rehabilitation and physiotherapy, dietetics and nutrition, dietetics and nutrition, child guidance, etc. the department has well equipped pediatric and neonatal intensive care units comparable to the best.
Department of Pediatric Surgery: works in liaison with the departments of Paediatrics and Trauma and offers emergency services on all days. All minor procedures such as hernia, hydrocoele, circumcision, orchidopexy etc are done as day care procedures. Miniature laparosopy and management of spina bifida, vascular malformations, intersex abnormalities, Hirschsprung’s disease and intussusception are also done. The neonatal intensive care unit equipped with ventilators support this department.
AdvertisementDepartment of Nephrology: is a professionally managed unit, equipped with a team of skilled and dedicated doctors and paramedical staff. Common diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and chronic glomerulonephritis can lead to permanent loss of kidney functions – with dialysis and kidney transplantation being the frequent outcome. The kidney involvement is often silent. The emergence of new therapeutic interventions has created an opportunity to manage the progression of kidney disease. Dedicated professional care to diagnose kidney disease early and treat it effectively as well as prevent its progression.

Department is equipped with the latest ultramodern dialysis machines, reverse osmosis water plant to provide pure and trace element free water supply. Hepatitis B patients are provided dialysis in a machines. All patients are given bicarbonate dialysis.
Department of Organ Transplants: performs kidney transplants with laparoscopic or open techniques depending upon on donor’s choice and medical requirements. The transplant surgeon has the good experience. The success rates of kidney transplant are comparable to best centers in the world.
The nephrology team also provides round the clock service for the critically ill patients in the intensive care units who may need fluid, electrolytes management and kidney supportive therapy.
Department of Urology(RG Urostone & Laparoscopic center) : provides state-of-the-art medical and surgical care in all aspects of adult and pediatric department strives to manage all types of urological disorders under one roof.
ENDOUROLOGY : PCNL & ESWL (Lithotripsy) for Kidney stones
Ureteroscopy for ureteric Stones
Bladder Stone Removal
TURP for Prostatic enlargement
Prostatic Stenting for medically unfit
TURBT for Bladder Growth
V.I.U. for Stricture urethra
· Stone Removal (from Kidney & Ureter)
· Kidney Removal & Lumbar Sympathectomy
DEPARTMENT OF ENDOCRINOLOGY & DIABETES: Offers comprehensive services in diagnosis, treatment and management of all hormonal disorders.
Specialized clinics like obesity, bone health & thyroid are designed to provide comprehensive and state of art management.
The department offers a broad range of services for diabetes, thyroid disorders, growth abnormalities in children, infertility in males and females, osteoporosis, pituitary disorders, obesity management, hormone replacement therapy and various other hormonal disorders.
DEPARTMENT OF ENT: Department has following facilities
O.P.D. Neuro-otology, otology clinic.
Endoscopic exam.
Audiology including pure tone Audiometry..
Impedance Audiometry.
Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (F.E.S.S.)
Micro Laryngeal Surgery (M.L.S. for vocal nodules)
Micro Ear Surgery (Myringo plasty, Mastoidectomy)
Tonsillectomy, Adenotonsillectomy
DEPARTMENT OF GYNAECOLOGY: The Department of Gynaecology, obstetrics and infertility is doing never ever attempted complicated delivery cases other than the classic midwifery procedures, we find more and more would be mothers are opting for painless delivery. Many of our infertility clinic patients are now happy fathers and mothers.
Painless Delivery ; It is not meant, only as an easy way to give birth to a child without pain, but it also intends to avoid the physical and emotional complications and the trauma to the mother as well as to the child, at the time of delivery.
Department of Anaesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine: is doing a wonderful job-specially in all major surgeries. It has to its credit successful management of asthmaticus myasthinia gravis, Neurological illness involving respiratory system, metabolic diseases like Diabetics ards-embolism etc. We are well equipped with (cardiac Defibrillator, monitors, pulse oxymeters, ventilators etc. over and above well trained nurses and assistants.
Department of Neurosurgery: is a unique department that providing following faculties.
· Head injury
· Brain & Open Spinal Surgery (Fracture, Disc)
Department of Radiology: Department has imaging sciences compete each other in diagnosing each in their own field of studies and investigations. Department has Digital X-ray machine, Digital CT Scan, Mammography and Ultrasound machine.
Pathology & Histo Pathology: Computerized laboratories, Bio Chemistry, Micro Biology & Histo Pathology:- All clinical lab test are done here and is equipped with auto analyzers, blood cell counters Eliza reader - Computerized blood gas analyzers and electrolyte analyzer. The later equipments are unique and essential for accurate management of critical care. Micro Biology Department does prompt studies of cultural & sensitivity test helping clinicians in accurate diagnosis and treatment.
Histo Pathology Department is fully functional giving practice biopsy and cytology studies.
DEPARTMENT OF PHYSIOTHERAPY: had equipped with Wax bath, Electric lumber & survical traction, Shoulder wheel, Diathermy, TENS and CPM.
AdvertisementRADIATION ONCOLOGY DEPARTMENT: is equipped with state-of-the-art Linear Accelerator with IMRT extended upto IGRT (Varian Make). Department has also Gamma Med Plus (HDR) machine for the treatment of cancer patients, it is also supported by the qualified Medical physicist team.
Functional Departments Consultant Doctor
v Surgical Oncology Dr. Vijay Bansal, MS, Ex Tata Hospital, Mumbai
v Radiation Oncology Dr. Budhi Singh Yadav, MD Ex PGI, Chandigarh
v Medical Oncology Dr. Jatin Sarin, MD, DM (Oncology)
v General Surgery Dr. K.S. Kalsi, MS
v Urology & Laproscopic Dr. Avinash Srivastava, M.Ch.
Dr. Raman Singla, MS
Dr. Rimpy Singla, DGO
v Nephrology Dr. Raka Kaushal, DM
v Orthopedics Dr. A K Pandey, MS, Ex PGI, Chandigarh
v Medicine Dr. Jittendra Mishra, MD, DNB(Cardiology)
v Cardiology Dr. Jittendra Mishra, MD, DNB(Cardiology)
v Gynecology & Obst. Dr. Sunaina Bansal, MD
v Pediatrics ` Dr. Anjali Maini, MD
v Pediatric Surgery Dr. Money Gupta, MS, M.Ch.(PGI)
v ENT Dr. Loovensh Gupta, MS
Dr. Nishikant Gupta, MS
v Dermatologist Dr. Naveen Kansal, MD, Ex PGI, Chandigarh
v Endocrinology Dr. Gagan Priya, MD,DM, Ex AIIMS, Delhi
v Neuro Surgery Dr. Arun Bhandari, MS, MCh
v Plastic Surgery Dr. Prabhdeep Sohi, MS, MCh, Ex PGI, Chandigarh
Dr. K D Singh Aneja, MS, M.Ch
v Psychiatry Dr. Satish Kumar, MD Ex PGI, Chandigarh
v Radiology Dr. Kanwaldeep, MD, Ex PGI, Chandigarh
Dr. I S Gill, MD
v Laparoscopy & Gen. Surg Dr. Raman Singla, MS
v Pathology Dr Charandeep Singh, MD (PGI)
v Microbiology Dr.
v Medical Physics Mr. S. Siva Kumar, M.Sc. (Medical Physics)
v Dental Dr. Tejbir Singh Dhillon, BDS
v Physiotherapy Dr. Gauri Beherwal
Dr. Ankush Randhawa
v Clinical Nutrition Dietetics Dt. Nidhi Joshi